ZEE T-bracket

ZEE T-bracket

The ZEE bracket revolutionizes the way you build T-junctions. No need to purchase bulky T-blocks from your dealer. Quickly make your own T-junctions on site using standard blocks and ZEE brackets. And eliminate two marriage lines at each T-junction.

ZEEs eliminate the cost of storing and shipping bulky T-blocks.



ZEEs are easy to install as per the instructions below. For a printable PDF, click on the image.

Installing ZEEs

Contractor Advantages

Eliminate 2 marriage lines per T-junction

Forming T-junctions with ZEEs eliminates two marriage lines at each junction. As each marriage line takes approximately 40 minutes to cut, reinforce with 1x4s and strip, that's a lot of wasted labour. In the example below, three less marriage lines were required using ZEEs.

As each marriage line requires cutting the ICF block on one side of the line, this leads to excessive ICF waste.

Eliminate marriage lines
Increase site storage

Increase site storage

ICF T-blocks are extremely bulky and take up a lot of site space. Eliminate T-blocks and save space with ZEEs.

Reduce delivery cost

Reduce delivery costs

By eliminating bulky T-blocks your delivery costs will be reduced significantly.

Dealer Advantages

Free up warehouse space

Free up valuable warehouse space

ICF T-junctions take up too much warehouse space. Eliminate T-junctions and save space for faster moving products.

Reduce SKUs

Stocking 4", 6", 8" 10" and 12" T-junctions is problematic as they are very prone to damage. ZEEs eliminate the need for these SKUs.

Easy to store and transport

Easy to store & transport

14 ZEEs take up just 16" x 16" x 3" of space. Easy to store and ship with your ICF shipment.

Long lasting

Long lasting

ZEEs are manufactured from high quality zinc plated steel and will withstand years of rental.

Increase revenue

Increase net revenue

ZEEs can be sold or rented to your contractors. Either way your effective gross margin will be higher than selling ICF T-junctions.

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