DT Royal Construction - Why we use Fastfoot

Damien Acosta, Forming supervisor, DT Royal Construction, discusses in this video the importance of Fastfoot in preventing rising damp as well the cost effectiveness over using 2x10 dimensional lumber.

Overview of footings

This residential project, located in Langley BC had approximately 900 feet of footing sized 24" x 10" and 48" x 12".  All the walls and floor assemblies are concrete. Nine rolls of FF62 fabric and 30 corners were used to form the footings. Compare that with 1,800' of dimensional lumber which would be required using convention footing construction.

Pumping and vibrating

Fastfoot prevents ground moisture from wicking up into the concrete footing for the life of the building. This is a very inexpensive insurance to prevent mold and mildew in the basement. Click HERE for more information.


Fab-Form manufactures pre-sewn corners that simplifies installation. Click HERE for information.

Rebar penetrations

Rebar penetrations are easy with Fastfoot. Simply make a small slit in the fabric and push the rebar through. Even 4" plumbing pipes can penetrate in the same manner.


Finishing the concrete footing is much easier with Fastfoot as the concrete slump can be 6" instead of the traditional 4" slump used with dimensional lumber to prevent leakage between the lumber and uneven ground.

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