Financial Statements and MD&A

Year Quarter Financials MD&A
2018 2nd PDF PDF
2018 1st PDF PDF
2017 4th PDF PDF
2017 3rd PDF PDF
2017 2nd PDF PDF
2017 1st PDF PDF
2016 4th PDF PDF
2016 3rd PDF PDF
2016 2nd PDF PDF
2016 1st PDF PDF
2015 4th PDF PDF
2015 3rd PDF PDF
2015 2nd PDF PDF
2015 1st PDF PDF
2014 4th PDF PDF
2014 3rd PDF PDF
2014 2nd PDF PDF
2014 1st PDF PDF

For earlier financial reports, go to SEDAR.

Revenues per Quarter

Revenues per quarter have been growing significantly since 2014. The Company expects this trend to continue.

Net Income per Quarter

Earnings per share per quarter has also been showing a positive increase since 2014.

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