50,000 Zont Braces across North America

50,000 Zont™ Braces - Across North America & Europe

Into every state in the USA and every province in Canada, Zont™ bracing can be found.

Novidesa braces 16' church curtain wall

The pictures above show an installation of Novidesa Sistemas Avanzados de Construccion for a church in Pharr, Texas. The general contractor with Novidesa is Luis Higareda. The walls were 16' tall, aligned perfectly with Zont™ Bracing.

Squamish Prefab project

Shawn McDaniel of Squamish Prefab, located in Squamish, BC, is a 21 year plywood forming veteran. He recently switched to ICFs and is delighted with the light weight of the blocks and the fact that stripping is not required. The light weight Zont™ bracing works well with ICFs.

J & J Constrution project

John West of J & J Construction Inc., Pierre, SD: "Everything was perfect, that is a great bracing system".

Zont bracing, North Vancouver, BC

Here's a project in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. The contractor, Yuriy Dzhyha, of Gerald Reedy Project Management is using the Nudura block.

Brian Smith project

Brian Smith of Olympia, WA, has an Amvic ICF wall braced off a prepoured slab. Notice the 2x4s laid on the slab eliminating the need to put nails - the kickers change the angle between the strongback and the slab 2x4.

Zont bracing, Whistler, BC

Here's a project in Whister, BC, Canada. The contractor is RDC Fine Homes and is using the Logix block.

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