Zont Tall Wall Project
Richard Wickenheiser uses Zont Twist with Fox Block foundation
Zont Twist Project
View from inside


The image above shows the strongbacks and catwalk complete, ready for kickers and final Zuckle™ adjustment.

2x6 and 2x8 from the demolished house were used to construct the walkway.

Zont Twists™ were spaced 6' on center to ensure adequate support for the walkway.

Installation was fast as the camlocks eliminated screwing the walers and strongbacks to the waler bracket.

Poured wall

Plywood gussets

5/8" plywood was used for the gussets.

String lines

String lines

Richard screwed 3" x 8" x 3/4" plywood blocks at each corner and ran string line around the perimeter.

Then the Zuckles were drill adjusted to ensure the top edge of the wall was exactly 3/4" from the string line.

After the pour the alignment was rechecked.

Poured wall

Concrete Pour

The bracing system performed perfectly with Fox Block ICF.

"A very professionally designed bracing system", said Richard. "I would highly recommend it."



The top of wall was adjusted using the Zuckles both before and after the pour.

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