Bracing of wall and gable
View of old bracing going to the dump

Testimonial - Sunflower Initiatives, Central Scotland

Sunflower Initiatives provides architectural design, construction management and property investment services. President Najem Mahmoud Al-Hasan has long believed that ICF construction offers significant advantages in thermal performance and construction efficiency over conventional masonry construction. He offers his comments on Zont bracing:

Joey,    Thought I would put down a few words on our experience of the Zonts...

We have been constructing with ICF since 2008 and have always used steel bracing made up of several components. As you can imagine, our shiney new equipment did not stay pristine for very long and many of the loose components have long since been lost and replaced with makeshift items.

We were intrigued when we first learnt of the Zonts and were quite skeptical. At a fraction of the price of our steel bracing, we felt it was worth a punt. Our first order was placed and we received the UK's first shipment of Zonts and Zuckles. Installing the Zonts and Zuckles could not have been easier - and significantly quicker than steel bracing.

Our first pour was 3.8m and we could not believe how strong the system was. After the pour had completed, we checked all the walls and only one brace had moved slightly. When I say slightly, I should perhaps elaborate. We had to adjust by 3mm.

The Zonts and Zuckles are now a proud and extremely valued asset in our company. The fact that we no longer need a lorry to transport our bracing - we had a whole house worth of bracing in the car - is a major benefit and the space freed up by the sale of our steel bracing now allows us to stock more profit making items.

We strongly recommend Zonts and Zuckles for your next project. You will never look back!

Regards, Najem Mahmoud Al-Hasan

Start of Zont Installation

Zonts™ were installed 4' on center vertically and 6' on center horizontally. 2x4 walers and strongbacks have been installed, ready for kickers.

Zonts are ideal around openings

Zonts™ are ideal for openings. A Zont™ can be placed on the edge of each opening, locking the wall in perfect alignment.

Zont Camlock

The Zont™ Camlock is twisted counter-clockwise, tightening the ICF wall to the horizontal waler and vertical strongback. Installation time is reduced in half.

Kickers and Catwalk in place, ready for concrete

Kickers and catwalk are in place, ready for concrete.

Zuckle scaffold alignment braces

Zuckles™ are ideal for straightening the ICF wall. An electric drill quickly adjusts the plumb of the strongback.

Gable end

Zont bracing is quickly adaptable to different wall heights. Here the gable ends extend about 20' above the second floor structure.

Second Floor bracing

Second and third floor wall bracing was done off the second floor itself. The gable ends required three levels of  kickers for support.

Placing concrete on second floor walls

Placing concrete in the second and third floor walls was uneventful. The inset picture shows pump hose operator filling the gable end.

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