Zont Twist™ Bracket

The Zont Twist™ locks the 2x4 walers and strongbacks against the ICF wall to flatten the wall horizontally and vertically.

The plastic cam is twisted counterclockwise to quickly lock the lumber, reducing the installation time by one half. The cam is designed so that any wall settlement will tighten the lumber against the wall.


US Patent #2014/0166849 A1.


Zuckle™ Wall Aligner

Finally. A wall aligner specifically designed for ICF walls. Only 3.6 pounds, just half the weight of conventional turnbuckles. And fast adjustment with an electric drill.

ZAT catwalk bracket

ZAT Catwalk Bracket

The ZAT bracket is the quickest way to provide a catwalk for your foundation.

ZAT collapses for easy transportation.

ZEE T-bracket

ZEE T-bracket

The ZEE bracket revolutionizes the way you build T-junctions. No need to purchase bulky T-blocks. Quickly make your own T-junctions on site using standard blocks and ZEE brackets. And eliminate two marriage lines at each T-junction.

ZEEs eliminate the cost of storing and shipping bulky T-blocks. Click on image for more information.

Click HERE for more information.



Straighter walls

Straighter Walls

HoriZONTal walers are the first contact with the wall, straightening first in the horizontal direction.

Compare this with conventional vertical braces where the first contact is vertical, leading to a wavy horizontal alignment.



Zont™ bracing is approximately 10% the cost of vertical bracing.

Why rent conventional braces when you can buy for the same price?


Fast to Install

A 'twist' of the wrist quickly locks the horizontal waler and vertical strongback in position.

Light weight

Light Weight

Zont™ waler brackets and Zuckle™ wall aligners weight 11% the weight of conventional vertical bracing.

Height adaptable

Height Adaptable

Brace short stem walls or 20' tall walls.

Just add another row of Zonts™ and walers for every five feet of wall.

Easy Bucking

Easy Bucking

Window and end of wall bucks are easily reinforced as there are no vertical braces in the way.



Use site available 2x4s, save on delivery and storage costs.

Easy to transport

Easy to Transport

Fit 15 Zont™ braces into a recycle bin and 5 gallon bucket.

Try that with 15 conventional braces!

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