Installation guide
Installation guide

Monopour Pre-Pour Checklist

  1. Ensure Fastfoot® batten is screwed near each side support;
  2. Ensure any eccentric concrete pressures are supported appropriately, for example bracing on outside of 'T's, including Fastfoot®;
  3. Any bucks or marriage lines within 4' of a corner must be strapped using 1x4s;
  4. If pumping concrete reinforced with Helix, ensure pump hose diameter is 3" or larger in diameter;
  5. Order concrete with a 5" to 6" slump - this will require some plasticizer;
  6. Pour the footing and half the first block, vibrate by kicking the bag. Do not vibrate the footing internally or the wall concrete may  'blow up' the bag and lead to form uplift;
  7. Allow sufficient time for the footing concrete to go off slightly. In the summer this may take no time; in the winter a wait of up to an hour may be required;
  8. When using Helix, ensure the next lift is consolidated with the first. Cold joints are not allowed with Helix;
  9. Zuckle adjust top of wall to each stringline.
  10. Use a laser to ensure exact elevation when screeding top of wall concrete;