NEW Zont Twist™ Bracket

The Zont Twist™ locks the 2x4 walers and strongbacks against the ICF wall to flatten the wall horizontally and vertically.

The plastic cam is twisted counterclockwise to quickly lock the lumber, reducing the installation time by one half. The cam is designed so that any wall settlement will tighten the lumber against the wall.

  • Galvanized to prevent corrosion
  • Strong 10 gauge steel
  • High strength polypropylene cam
  • Unit weight: 1.86 pounds
  • Packaging: 20 per box
  • Box weight: 40 pounds
  • Box size: 20" x 12" x 10" H

World Patents pending.


Zuckle™ Wall Aligner

Finally. A wall aligner specifically designed for ICF walls. 40% lighter than conventional turnbuckles. Rapid adjustment with an electric drill and 10mm driver (one driver included per box). 10 gauge thickness steel plate galvanized for long life.

  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Packaging: 10 per box
  • One 10mm driver / box
  • Box weight: 37 pounds
  • Box size: 16" x 9" x 6"

World Patents pending.


Click on the image below for a PDF of the Zont™ Bracing Installation Guide.

PDF of Zont Installation Guide

Click on image below for the Zont™ Bracing Estimator.

Zont Estimator
PDF of Zont brochure

Zont Brochures

Click on the image for a PDF of the Zont™ Bracing tri-fold brochure, full colour, printed both sides, with a folded size of 4-1/4" x 9".