Fab-Form Monopour & Panelized Housing

The Econ Group, a Design/Build Contractor in Vancouver BC, recently installed a Monopour foundation for a panelized single family dwelling on the West Side of Vancouver.

"We insisted on the Monopour for this project", confirmed Mike Dutson, a Partner with Econ. "We needed a foundation wall accuracy of 1/8" because all the floors, walls and roof were pre-manufactured. We achieved these tolerances easily using the drill adjustible side supports and Zont™ bracing."

The project architect was Kenneth Chooi of DSK Architecture, Vancouver BC (604.448.2102). DSK Architecture specializes in sustainable and energy efficient design for the residential market.

Floor, wall and roof panels were supplied by CutMyTimber, Inc., with offices in Canada and the USA.

Pre-manufactured ICF components with pre-installed Fastfoot® are set up around the perimeter.