Dark leaky basement replaced with Warm, Dry Living Area

Harmeet Singh Grewal of Usar Contracting and Design Inc., recently replaced a damp and leaking basement with an insulated dry foundation under a 1950's house on East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC.

Harmeet has used the Monopour System on two projects. "I like the Monopour System", confirmed Harmeet. "As we eliminate the double pour, we save a couple of weeks in forming time. This means we have minimal liability of the banks collapsing. As well, we achieve a top of wall accuracy of an eight of an inch."

The basement replacement is part of a major renovation designed and managed by Mila Djuras, of Intermind Design. "This is a complete rebuild for the owners", said Mila. "What was once a damp and leaky basement, not even suitable for storage, is being replaced with a warm and dry full height master bedroom and office area. The master bedroom is located on the south end and has access to a patio and rear garden. A lot of thought was given to window size and location to ensure natural light streams into this lower level."

The owners, Craig Neville and Beverly Pister, are very particular about their new home. "Vancouver home owners have suffered billions of dollars of water damage due to faulty construction", said Craig. "Bev and I are very pleased with the new foundation, and the precautions Mila and Harmeet have taken to ensure ground moisture does not end up inside our master bedroom and office."

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Plumbing the corner using Zont™ bracing system.