Monopour Testimonials

Harold Stephenson
Sandpoint,ID USA
ICF block: BuildBlock®

“Thanks for the MP system. Our project would have had a major problem using a conventional foundation system. With your MP system we got the major part of the foundation built in one day. A little more rebar and buttoning up the Fastfoot and we're ready to pour."

"We would have spent a few thousand dollars more to blast and level the site but with your system it saved us both a bunch of money and time. We had some extra MP legs, so when we found a better spot to locate a leg we just moved them around and added them where we thought there might be problems. We have rebar drilled into the granite so the foundation isn't going anywhere unless the mountain decides to move. The back right side corner steps down 48" and it, too, is tied into solid granite."

"Everything with this project was a new experience for us; ICFs, Fastfoot, and the MP supports. You can see the rock we built over the top of and the one deep hole at the North East end we easily stepped down 4' with only the block, Fastfoot, and MP supports. It was a tight site with difficult, rocky ground, but with the MP system it was possible to build within budget, on schedule and with limited manpower.”

Blaine Johns
Arctic West ICF
West Haven, UT
ICF block: BuildBlock®

"By using the Monopour system I have found it is more work for my crew, but my walls are dead on level, the ICF block interlocks better, and in the long run I save money."

"No longer am I paying for an extra pump truck, J bars for the footings, and the footings subcontractor. I'm not worried about the footing subcontractor getting my footings perfectly level or spending time to shim the ICF Block on top of the footing to make the wall level."

"This afternoon I just got though stacking the second level of a 16 foot wall. It was dead on level. I didn't have to add shims anywhere on the wall. All I did was adjust the monopour system to the laser level after the fourth row of ICF block. It was easy to adjust the block level to the laser. It made my job a lot easier than doing it the old way."

"After pouring a large home we're tired and the last thing we want to do is spend a lot of time straightening all the walls. We found that attaching the Zonts to the top of the wall, our time spent adjusting each brace to create a straight wall was reduced greatly and the wall came in perfectly. Instead of each brace working independently of each other, now the wall was moving more as a unit. We will not pour without them and recommend them to all of our customers that pour their own homes."

Arden Robitaille, Perry Rosseau
Robro Construction
Carp, ON Canada
ICF block: IntegraSpec®

"Here are some pics I took from the job we did. These pics are before the pour.

The pour went without a hitch, no blow-outs and no leaks. The fab-form works great. The Mono-pour was a success. We figure we saved a day or 2 by doing the pour this way."

Arden Robitaille,  President
Perry Rosseau, Vice-President

Robb Armstrong
Sarnia, ON Canada
ICF block: Nudura®

"Overall its going well. My building inspector wants to be here when we pour. He has little experience with ICF and none with a fabric footing, but he is willing to watch me fail! Let's prove him wrong."

"Leveling is best done at dusk or night with a self leveling laser level. I believe I am level within 1/16 or less over 40' using the laser with the sensor during the day while possible, was much more of a hassle."

"Once the radiant tubing and concrete are installed, I will reinstall the Zont Bracing so I can use the scaffolding during the floor pan installation. This will greatly improve speed and safety of that install. It wouldn't be possible to do this with vertical ICF bracing."

"Well we poured the foundation and proved the inspector wrong. A perfect foundation - level and plumb."

Chris Pearson
New York Polysteel
Amityville, NY
ICF block: ARXX®

"We have been selling Fastfoot® for years, but this was our first job with the Monopour System. We are very impressed as it eliminated most of the site labor."

"Not only did we pre-glue the Arxx® into foundation components, but we also preinstalled our rebar and bracing. Zont bracing allowed us to easily move and transport the components with our forklift. We fork lifted the components onto a flat bed truck, and dropped them on the Fastfoot® fabric when we got on site.:We even preinstalled the side supports onto the components in advance."

"All we had to do was level up the walls with the side supports, button up Fastfoot®, and stake the strongbacks to the ground."

"The concrete pour went perfectly. The customer is very happy."

Bryan Goux
B. Goux Construction
Kasilof, AK
ICF block: LOGIX®

"I had some real skeptics and old school concrete guys say it would never work."

"No problems - the walls stayed straight and level. I wish you could have seen the faces when the bags held up fine. I just smiled when nothing leaked."

"Thanks for a great product!"

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