Modhome Developments, Yellowknife

MODHOME Developments Uses Fab-Form Monopour Foundations

Steven Thomson, P Eng, Project Manager with Modhome Developments of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories recently used Fab-Form Monopour Foundations under several duplex developments which used modular units.

"Our situation is unique in two ways", said Steven, "first, ground conditions in Yellowknife are granite; and second, we are setting modular units onto our foundations, not site building. This means we need accurate foundations that can accomodate uneven ground conditions."

Site Conditions, Excavation, Pinning

Ground conditions in the Northwest Territories of Canada are solid granite. This means that site preparation is a large and important part of the builder's budget. Conforming to uneven rock is often much cheaper than blasting - the builder's experience plays a big part in cost reduction.

Ready to begin the excavation with John Hoar, Dan McGoey, red seal carpenters, and Steven Thomson, P Eng, Project Manager, on right

Installing and Pouring Fab-Form Monopour

The crawlspace foundation was 8" in thickness around the perimeter with a 12" stem wall between the two duplex units. The pour went well with no blowouts and perfect wall alignment. Fab-Form dealer for this project was Adam Montonen, Korpack Cement Products, Trail BC.

Perfect pour. Note the contractor pre-installed blueskin before the pour to provide moisture protection in the rear where the rock dipped down.

Modular Installation

Four modular units were craned onto the crawlspace foundation to make up the two duplex units. For additional information on Modhomes, go to www.modhomedevelopments.com.

Completed duplex. Modhome Developments achieved an Energuide rating of 82, the highest ever achieved in Yellowknife