Naikoon completed home

Naikoon and Sustainable Construction

Naikoon Contracting Ltd., located in North Vancouver, BC, has an excellent reputation for green construction. The company was the Built Green BC Builder of the year in 2011 and has twice constructed the most innovative Built Green Home.

This project, designed by Mark Kerschbaumer, gives an sense of modernity to Central Lonsdale. "We have been building green long before it became fashionable", confirmed Joe Geluch, President. "Part of our sustainable package on this project was the Fab-Form Monopour. It is an economic method of forming foundations that prevents ground moisture from entering the foundation while providing R24 thermal protection."

Drawing of components

This drawing shows the components which make up the full foundation, including the window bucks and other openings.

Components delivered to site

ICF components, including the Fastfoot® footing forms are delivered to the jobsite, awaiting assembly by the Naikoon crew.

Attaching Zont bracing

Two levels of components have now been installed. The Zont bracing is attached to align the wall and fix into exact location with stakes at the base of each vertical strongback.

Catwalk has been installed

The catwalk has been installed using plywood gussets. Kickers to align the wall are located 6' on centre.

Aligning the wall

An electric drill is used to adjust the Zuckle™ to align the wall to the stringline.

Concrete in Fastfoot® footing form

The footings are protected from ground moisture on the bottom, sides and top with the Fastfoot® membrane.

Concrete pour almost complete

Concrete pour is almost complete, top portion of the wall is about to be filled. Note the use of Fastfoot® on all internal footings.

Concrete complete

Concrete pour is complete, with the top of the wall being screeded by the Naikoon crew.

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