Screeding concrete

Cor-Works Ltd.

Cor-Works Ltd. is a commercial concrete company located south of Calgary Alberta servicing south western Alberta. Owner Chad Steward is a big advocate of building green. "Cutting up 4 x 8' sheets of plywood is not good for the environment or the back".

In the photo above the contractor is screeding the concrete to the top of the forms, no need to finish to a leveling strip on the inside of plywood forms.

Installing Fastfoot

The contractor has set up 2x6 screed boards around the perimeter of the footing and used 2x4 stakes to hold the screeds at the correct height. Deeper pads and footings use a second 2x4 to reduce the fabric bulge and concrete induced tension. The fabric is attached to the top rail using 3/8" staples and a hammer tacker. The bottom edge is held by the friction between the fabric and the ground below caused by the concrete pressure.

Installing steel

Loads from the foundations walls are quite high and the structural engineer has requested a considerable amount of steel to withstand the loads.

Premanufactured steel

Some of the steel cages were quite complex and were manufactured off site. Here the steel cages are being lifted into the forms.

Premanufactured steel

Forms are complete, Fastfoot installed, rebar in place. Ready for concrete.

Pour 50% complete

Concrete pour has just begun. The concrete was placed in two 16" lifts to reduce form pressure.

Pumping concrete

The fabric held up perfectly during the pour including vibration. Fastfoot makes stripping a breeze as there is no concrete damage to lumber.

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