RWJ Barnabas Health Center

Force Concrete and Masonry Corporation

Force Concrete of Piscataway, NJ has been doing concrete and masonry since 2002. The photo above shows the finished 3D model of the RWJ Barnabas Health Center where Force Concrete completed all the concrete work.

The center will be home to men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics, and wrestling. The facility will have state-of-the-art locker rooms, practice venues, strength-training and sports medicine suites, coaches offices, and meeting rooms. The project will also include a four-story parking structure. Click on the image above to go to the RWJ Barnabas website.

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Overview of RWJ Barnabas Health Center

This photo provides an overview of the foundation, showing the multiple point load pads and strip footings, all formed with the lumber framework lined with Fastfoot.


Steps are easily accommodated with Fastfoot as shown in the photo above. The ground was so hard that the contractor drove electrical conduit into the ground and screwed the conduit to the screed board.

Placing concrete

This pad is about 30" deep and is easily framed with a single 2x6 on top with a second 2x4 rail 2/3rds of the distance between the top rail and the ground. Most of the lower concrete loads are taken by the friction between the fabric and the ground below. Very efficient formwork.

The contractor has used plumbing tape to reinforce the corners of the rails. Fastfoot easily supports the additional loads induced by the vibration of the concrete.

Notice that the contractor was not able to drive the 2x4s into the ground - so he drove the electrical conduit into the ground and screwed the conduit to the 2x4 "stake".

Screeding concrete

Concrete pour is complete. Notice how clean the site is - no concrete leaking out of the bottom of the forms.

Finished concrete

Complex footing and pad layouts are easily accommodated with the lightweight framework lined with Fastfoot. No need for leveling strips inside plywood forms and no need for expensive form plywood.

All lumber is protected from concrete damage by Fastfoot.

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