Fastfoot® Commercial Footings

This 15,000 square foot shopping centre in Surrey, BC used Fastfoot® for their strip footings. The structure above was all wood frame.

Ram Construction Inc., started in 1986 by current President Steve Knoblauch, has a long and successful history of building retail, commercial and institutional buidings in Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Squamish, the Interior of BC and Vancouver Island.

The picture below shows the contractor screeding off the top of the footing. A 2' plywood formed stem wall will be placed on top of the footing to support the wood frame structure above.

Screeding top of footing

Stapling Fastfoot®

The contractor uses a hammer tacker to staple Fastfoot to the screed boards about 8" on center.

Steel reinforcing

Steel Reinforcing

The Engineer required two horizontal 15M bars in the footing, with 15M hooks 16" on centre.

Ready for concrete

Ready for Concrete

Top of the footing forms are checked with the laser, steel has been installed, ready for concrete.

Placing concete
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