38% stronger


The high density polyethylene tapes are 38% stronger.

Form deeper footings without danger of blowout. And stretching is reduced proportionately, reducing concrete consumption.

No concrete damage

Tighter Weave

The weave has been increased from an 8x8 scrim to a 10x10 scrim, improving the staple holding power by 20%.

Adapts to uneven ground

Better Moisture Protection

The high density polyethylene scrim is coated on both sides with a low density polyethylene.

The coating thickness has been increased by 20% on each side to improve impermeance.

3 color footing width lines

Footing Width Lines

Accomodating different footing widths and depths is a breeze with the colored lines which are marked with the footing width dimension.


Distance Lines

New distance lines, spaced 12" on center along the length, allow the installer to ensure both edges are aligned perpendicular to each other. This prevents lateral wrinkles due to misalignment of the edges.

QR Codes

QR Codes

QR codes take the installer immediately to the web-based installation guide. There is a separate QR code for residential and commercial footings.

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