Fastfoot Rolls

Roll Size & Packaging

Fastfoot® comes on 100' rolls and is available in three different widths:

FF50 - Fastfoot® Narrow

FF62 - Fastfoot® Standard

FF74 - Fastfoot® Wide

Fastfoot Corners

Corner Size & Packaging

Fastfoot® corners are presewn for rapid installation. Each corner measures 4' by 4'. With a 12" overlap the effective length of each corner is 6'. Three sizes are available:

FF50C - Fastfoot® Narrow Corner

FF62C - Fastfoot® Standard Corner

FF74C - Fastfoot® Wide Corner

Fastfoot® Library

1 - Technical

  1. Specifications (PDF file)
  2. Structural Engineer's Letter (PDF file)
  3. Structural Engineer's Letter for Ontario (PDF file)
  4. Structural Engineer's Letter for Nova Scotia (PDF file)
  5. Structural Engineer's Letter for California (PDF file)
  6. Electrical Engineers Letter on Ufer Rod (PDF file)
  7. CMHC Report on Mold (PDF file)
  8. Fastfoot Installation Guide (PDF file)
  9. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  10. Test report on the angle of interface friction of Fastfoot against itself (PDF file)

2 - CSI Specifications

  1. PDF file
  2. Word file

3 - Material & Safety Data Sheet

  1. PDF file
  2. PDF file (metric)

4 - Marketing Materials

  1. Fastfoot point of sale display
  2. Rising damp counter display
  3. Fastfoot® outdoor banner
  4. Fastfoot® brochure
  5. Dealer binder
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