Alan Smith
Footing overview

Alan Smith - Homeowner/Builder

Alan Smith recently formed and poured perfect footings for his walkout basement in Pottsville, Arkansas. His comments after using Fastfoot® for the first time:

Everything worked great! I’ve recommended the fabric to several guys at work that are also planning to build their own homes.

Utilities through footing

Running Utilities Through Footing

Alan slit the fabric vertically and pushed the two PVC pipes through. Simple and fast.

Rebar placement

Rebar Placement

Alan used plastic rebar chairs to hold the steel off the fabric. As the concrete is not in contact with the ground, rebar clearance can be reduced to that required with a normal form.

Fastfoot® has the added benefit of preventing ground moisture from wicking up into the concrete - thereby providing a dry and healthy indoor environment for the Smith Family.

For additional information on 'rising damp', click here.

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