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Poor Excavation

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Benchland Homes is a green custom home builder located in Calgary Alberta, and a member of BuildGreen Alberta and the Canadian Home Builder's Association.

As can be seen on the photo to the right, the excavation was poorly done. Conforming to the uneven grade was a breeze with Fastfoot®. President Matt Dempster comments:

"The pour went really well, especially for being my first Fastfoot® project and being a fairly complex footing. The excavation was poorly done as well to further complicate things. "

"One thing I found out is that because of the non permeable membrane under the footing we didn't have to use sulfate resistant concrete. Sulfates have been causing problems around here apparently. I'm not sure of the cost difference, but I think it saved us money on the concrete. Thanks again", Matt Dempster.

Complex footing

Complex Footing

With multiple footing widths due to point loading, many jogs in the foundation wall, and an uneven excavation, Fastfoot® performed perfectly.

Placing concrete

Placing Concrete

Fastfoot® provided a dead level footing for the Arxx blocks used in the foundation.

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