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BODA CONSTRUCTION - Attention to detail

BODA Construction is an established custom home builder in West Vancouver, BC with a strong reputation for quality and attention to detail. But translating that dream into reality requires close attention to details that don't show immediately to the client.

For example, protecting the concrete footing against ground moisture. Concrete is a wicking material: ground moisture naturally wicks up through the footing into the concrete wall where it evaporates inside the home. This excess moisture leads to a damp and musky smell prevalent in 80% of all foundations (click here for the CMHC report on damp basements).

Form Overview

Attention to hidden details

Boda Construction goes that extra distance to ensure a dry foundation for its clients by using Fastfoot® to form and protect the footing concrete from rising damp.

"It makes no sense that builders provide protection on the foundation wall for dampness", said Aaron Macnabb, Site Supervisor, "yet they leave footings unprotected against ground moisture."

Steel detailing

FASTFOOT® - Protection from ground moisture

"FastFoot is so superior to conventional footings. By adding curb stakes and a builders level into the mix we were able to level our footings to within +/- 1/32". The barrier that FastFoot material provides against 'rising damp' was evident in that the foundation walls were always dry at the bottom, with the only water coming down from the top when it rained. My guys and I love this product. Thanks", said Aaron for Boda Construction.

For additional information on 'rising damp', click here.

Form Overview

Using 'Peel & Stick'

Boda Construction trims the excess width of Fastfoot®, then attaches the fabric edge to the base of the formed concrete wall with an 8" width of 'Peel & Stick'.

The dimpled wall membrane is lapped over the Peel & Stick providing complete moisture protection to the foundation wall and footing.

Architect Vallely

Designing the Dream

"The Butterfly House explores a west coast contemporary aesthetic. The home is shaped by strong, simple forms including a butterfly/inverted roof that gives the home its unique character. Clear stained cedar siding mixed with concrete, aluminum windows and trim give the home a distinctly modern feel while still capturing the warmth of a ‘west coast’ expression.

A large green roof covers the first roof level of the home, replacing what would typically be a large asphalt surface with something that is both visually desirable and environmentally conscious".

Kevin Vallely, Architect.

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