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The Dominion Building Group has been using Fastfoot® to form footers and grade beams since 2003. President Reid Pocock is a strong believer in fabric. "Why would we cut up plywood sheets if we can use lightweight fabric? Furthermore Fastfoot® prevents ground moisture from wicking up through the sand and entering the grade beam. This is a must for quality construction and a dry and healthy indoor environment."

In the photo to the right, the grade beam steel and concrete will transfer building loads to the wooden piles located under the beam as the sand surface does not provide sufficient load bearing capacity.

Left side of foundation

Reinforcing steel

Some areas of the beam are supported by three piles. The formwork creates a triangular shape to transmit the structural loads to the three piles.

Placing concrete

Reinforcing steel

The distance between these two pile pockets is about 16'. A large amount of steel reinforcing is required to provide sufficient strength in the concrete beam.

Deep pockets

Pile pockets

On this project, some of the pockets were very deep at 4'-6". Fastfoot® had no problem forming this depth.

Placing concrete

Placing concrete

Formwork was filled by chuting off the back of the ready mix trucks.



Dominion Building Group takes care to ensure the Fastfootۚ® membrane stays in place to prevent rising damp in the sand from entering the concrete grade beam.

Click here for more information on rising damp.

Foundation complete

Gradebeam Complete

The foundation and backfilling is now complete, ready for the construction of the superstructure.

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