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Principals Angus Stewart and Chris Frang were very pleased with Fastfoot®: "This was our first ICF project, and we wanted to make sure that our footings were perfectly level. We easily formed and poured these footings which were up to 13 deep with only a 2x4 on each side.

We didn’t need a vibrator to consolidate the concrete - we just kicked the footing fabric and the concrete filled the bag."

Fastfoot® and Zont® bracing was supplied to Timberhawk by Darrell Ell of Trevmark Concrete Products, Victoria BC, 250.883.9663.


Rising Damp

Angus and Chris were impressed with the footing membrane: "It's summer and you can see how damp the soil is. During the rainy season, all that moisture will wick up into the foundation, leading to a damp and moist basement. Fastfoot® prevents this."

For additional information on rising damp, click here.

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