The Conscious Builder - Performance footing with Fastfoot

Casey Grey, The Conscious Builder, is currently building a high performance home using unconventional products. Shying away from materials like expanded polystyrene, they are using the Nexcem Composite ICF below grade, and a 14" straw bale, and a 10" cellulose wall above grade. In this video Casey talks about increasing efficiency and reducing was in the footing by using Fastfoot. .

Overview of footings

There was only 192' of footing on this build, but over 12.5 meters of concrete due to the depth of the footings. Note how easy the radius footings were to form using Fastfoot.

Pumping and vibrating

Footings ranged in depth from 18 - 28". Two horizontal 2x4's were used to support Fastfoot, and reduce bulging of material and wasted concrete.


Note how much lumber is replaced on the deep footings in the foreground. The use of Fastfoot saved an incredible amount of money over plywood forms.

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