21' Tall ICF Walls

In the video above Aaron King with Cutting Edge Homes, walks us through how they used the Zont bracing system on the first pour of this Foxblocks ICF structure. With walls going from 10'8" down to 32", this pour showed the flexibility of the Zont system supplied by Rost ICF Supply

In this video produced by Aaron King, he goes through the extremely important details when pouring a tall ICF wall. This pour was over 110 yards, with walls up to 21' tall.

Bird's eye view of walls

In this photo you can see the walls are over 15 courses of Foxblock ICF. Reinforcement of the backside of intersecting T walls was completed with vertical lumber support.

First pour of ICF walls

At the tallest section of wall eight Zonts, two Zuckles and two Zats were installed per brace to allow the contractors to build the walls, adjust the plumb and place concrete.

First pour almost complete

Two Zee bracket were used on each course of ICF. The use of Zee brackets greatly reduces the amount of labour and waste associated with using preformed T blocks from the manufacturer.

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