Zont™ Bracing Estimator

This estimator calculates the quantities of bracing materials for either:

Zont™ waler brackets are spaced approximately 6' on center horizontally, with waler layers spaced vertically a maximum of 5' apart. Extra Zonts™ are required for each corner. The length of 2x4 walers is chosen by you, with a 15% allowance for overlaps. The 2x4 strongback and kicker lengths and quantities are determined automatically. The calculator allows for up to three different wall heights.

The calculator rounds up Zonts to box (Zote) quantities (20) and Zuckles to box (Lo Zote) quantities (10).

ICF Assumptions
Hght 1 Hght 2 Hght 3
Wall height ft
Perimeter ft
Lumber Hght 1 Hght 2 Hght 3
Strongback ft
Kickers qty
Kickers ft
Quad-Lock project

Quad-Lock project uses Zont Bracing for this building with 14' high walls, 600' long, located in British Columbia.

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