Zont Tall Wall Project
Double kickers

16' High ICF Walls

John Dyck, President, Triple "D" Construction, Salmon Arm, BC recently completed a 40' x 50' workshop with 16' high ICF walls.

John glued his first row of Logix® ICF blocks to his slab. Then at the top of every third row of block he placed a set of Zont™ waler brackets and a horizontal waler around the perimeter.

16' strongbacks, attached to the Zont™ waler brackets 5' on centre,  were used to straighten the wall vertically.

At the 8' level (6 blocks high), John placed his second set of Zont™ brackets. Just below this bracket he attached a kicker to align the mid point of his wall.

He plumbed his corners and then used string lines to align the wall with the drill-adjustable Zuckle™ scaffold alignment braces.

View from inside

Support For Kickers

To attach the bottoms of the kickers, John ran dimensional lumber across the floor so that the bottom of opposing kickers were attached to the same lumber. This prevented any movement and eliminated the need to drill holes into the slab.

This view through the entrance way to the workshop shows the beauty of the country around Salmon Arm.

Triple "D" Construction, (250) 517-0075, has been building in the Okanagan Valley for over 30 years.




At the 12' level, the contractor used 3/4" plywood gussets to support his 2x10 walkway.

If a railing was required, the contractor would have placed a second vertical 2x4 16" outside each strongback on the wall and joined the two with 2x6 horizontal members. The upper 2x6 cross member would then support the walkway.

This railing and walkway would then conform to WCB and OSHA safety requirements.

Poured wall

Poured Wall

This image shows the outside of the wall after the single 16' high pour. The Logix® blocks performed without fault and the Zont™ bracing aligned the tall wall accurately.

"I  like the Zont™ bracing", confirmed John Dyck. "We achieved very flat walls at a fraction of the cost of buying or renting conventional tall wall braces."

The supplier of the Logix™ blocks and Zont™ bracing was Okanagan distributor Ken Wingenbach of R-50 Solutions.

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