ZONT™ BRACING - Ideal for multi-height ICF walls

This project, located on the granite cliffs near Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC, has a spectacular view overlooking the waters of Indian Arm. The general contractor is the Econ Group with excavation by Headwater Management.

Challenging Site

The building site has an elevation change of 177' from the waterfront at the north end to the public roadway at the south. A construction road (four wheel drive accessible) runs from the public road at the top to a construction staging area at the 125' elevation. The staging area was used to store construction materials, locate the site office and line pump for filling the forms.

The foundation is located near the waterfront and runs up the granite face resulting in footing elevation changes of over 28'. Footings were formed with Fastfoot® and had 17 different levels to accomodate the rocky terrain. Substantial blasting and rock removal was required to obtain level areas for the footings.

Foundation Walls

Foundation walls were built with Amvic® insulating concrete forms. This block was chosen for two reasons: first, the 6" spacing on the ties provided greater strength. Second, the foundation had many interior walls requiring T-junctions manufactured by Amvic®.

"We chose Zont™ Bracing because of  the many different wall heights", said Carey Brown, Site Manager. "Some walls were 4' high, others were 17'. As the walls got taller, we installed another level of Zonts™ and walers."

"As well, Zonts™ make it easy to support end-of-wall bucks between the horizontal walers. We couldn't do this with ICF bracing."

Pouring Concrete

Concrete delivery was a challenge:

"Pouring the foundation walls was uneventful except for a breakdown in the line pump", said Carey.

"Zonts™ did a great job in flattening our walls."

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