The 5 Hour Foundation

Check out Shawn McDaniel and a volunteer crew of five, who are rebuilding Elizabeth's Wildlife Center. This animal rehabilitation center was recently condemned by the city, and had to be rebuilt to keep its operation in place.

Bird's eye view of walls

Time stamp of this photo is 8:03am. The first course of Nudura ICF is being installed

First pour of ICF walls

The crew installs our Zevelers after the second course of ICF is placed. Quick adjustment with an electric drill and laser allows the walls to be level and plumb in a fraction of the time of shimming and trimming.

First pour almost complete

Once the walls are 6' high, two courses of Zont brackets are installed 5-6' on center.

First pour almost complete

Horizontal walers and vertical strongbacks are installed into the Zont bracket. A twist of the polycarbonate cam locks the lumber to the ICF wall.

First pour almost complete

Zat walkway brackets are attached to the vertical 2x4. This was quickly raised throughout the build to accommodate for the growing wall height.

First pour almost complete

Time stamp of 12:43 on this photo.156' of ICF wall up 10'6 in 4 hours and 40 minutes. This is an impressive feat, as they also had a double mat of horizontal steel slowing them down.

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