Fast and Effective Leveling of ICF Walls

Footings out of level? Zevelers are an accurate and time saving method to level your ICF wall over an out of level footing. Click on video to see more.


Zevelers are easy to install as per the instructions below. For a printable PDF, click on the image.

Installing Zevelers

Project in Vancouver BC

This crew makes short work of levelling the ICF blocks using Zevelers, even with step footings. So much faster than using wooden wedges and cutting the bottom or your ICF blocks. Click on video to see more.


Zeveler Bracket

The Zeveler bracket is ideal for leveling up an ICF wall on top of a footing that is out of level.

Pairs of Zevelers are installed 8' on center around the perimeter of the bottom two courses of ICF blocks and adjusted to level the wall perfectly. The space between the bottom of the ICF wall and the footing is then filled in with ICF non-expansive foam.

The 7/16” hex head driver allows easy for easy adjustment with an electric drill.

The bottom of the Zeveler has a rounded head that prevents the steel from 'walking' on the footing.

Installing Zevelers

Zevelers are screwed to ICF webs using two #8 x 1-1/2" deck screws. Longer screws will not work as the thread does not extend sufficiently.

Leveling the wall using a laser

A laser is used to adjust the wall to ensure that it is 100% level.

Spot glue

Non expansive foam glue is used to spot attach the bottom of the block to the footing. It is important to spot glue to prevent the foam from lifting the wall.

Continuous gluing

Once the spot glue has cured (about two hours), the space between the footing and wall is glued with a continous bead of foam as shown in the photo above..

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